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KENNEKT is an easy system that quickly connects Businesses to their Staff & Clients.

Staff Side

  • Create clear communication between staff, departments, managers and administration.
  • Tasks and to-do's are not only being handled, but being handled in the best and most efficient way possible.
  • Business operations are being run methodically and accurately.
  • Drive & direct your staff to do what is most important without missing anything.

Client Side

  • Don't allow your clients to be put on hold for a long time, transferred to the wrong department or not being able to reach who they wanted.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with your clients.
  • Within minutes, offer your clients a higher level of service and quick accountable communication.

KENNEKT with Ease!

Establish an easy case management system that drives your business forward, holds your staff accountable and makes it simple for your clients to engage and connect.
Kennekt cases page interface
Our features
Customized features
Let's dive into some existing features. These are not all, but a few of them. Please contact us for more information.
Kennekt cases page interface
Client Management

By using KENNEKT you can easily manage your clients as well as your staff.For acheiving this we offer you multi directional invitation requests, linked clients and several others.

Transfering clients cases to staff side ease your daily client serving process. Interactive system can aware your clients by sending notifications.

Kennekt cases page interface
Staff Management

One of the success key for businesses is organizing staff management.

By using KENNEKT now you can manage your staff easily. Register and check our staff related features like staff invitation, grouping staff by departments, roles and several others.

We hope you love KENNEKT.

Kennekt cases page interface
Chat Based Case Management

Ordered cases help you to handle multiple tasks at the same time.

Every task has got its own life time chat. Every comment trigger related notifications and can aware related persons.

Interactive unread comment indications can let you know that your business is working so active.

Kennekt cases page interface
Recent Case Activities

Some times user can not realize what kind of task they have recently opened, worked or checked.

Recent case activities is here to help at these times. You do not need care about this question in KENNEKT anymore. We offer this opportunity as a widget in dashboard, also as a quick reference in case list pages.

Come and enjoy!

Kennekt cases page interface
Multi Directional Case Statuses

Some times users can suffer how to differ different types of tasks in a single business. The multi directional case statuses is here for resolving this. Now You can easily differ client and staff related cases in a seperate but related easy accessable places. Also you are getting powerful adaptive features using KENNEKT. Ability adding unlimited count of case statues, functional buttons which help to automize task management. And much more. Come and check by yourself. We are sure you love KENNEKT.

Kennekt cases page interface
Business Settings

KENNEKT is opportunity to keep and manage mutiple businesses in a single account.

You can easily switch between your businesses in KENNEKT.

Each business has its own business settings. Staff, clients, departments, billing and payments can be found inside business settings individually for each business in your account. We advice to try use KENNEKT, we hope that you it more useful than we describe.

Kennekt cases page interface
Easy Case Creation

By having a complex user interface for creating a case you can economy your time for every new task adding process. Also you can specify case type that says wether it is client/staff case directly from our interactive tools view. Case assignment, staff access, status and much more can be easily set before we create a case.

We are sure You'll love KENNEKT's case infrastructure.


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Multi Platform Accessibility and Mobility

Now we offer cross platform system containing most common application platforms like android, iOS and Web.

You do not need go back to office or sit next to Your desktop in order to reply your staff. Easily click on notfications comes from KENNEKT in Your mobile device and done.

Like social media you are be in touch with Your staff at any time and at any place!

Kennekt cases page interface
Contact Us

Please feel free with your questions. We are here to help you. Simply send us your feedback via email or call us!

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There's more to begin than what meets the eye!

Here are some of our upcoming features in 2024

Train Module

Having quilified staff would increase income of Business. But how? It is not simple question every time.

Here we offer KENNEKT for quilifying Your staff, and even Your customers too.

Please contact to support to find much more.

Managable Notifications

Notifications are useful, especially when we are so busy for sitting next to our desktop at the whole day.

But what happens if we receive so many notifications even from tasks which we are not responsible them directly. What about if you can manage your notifications by telling us send me this, that and those notification types. Others I do no interesting for a while. Would be great, right?

KENNEKT offers this opportunity.

Please JOIN us and enjoy from adaptive subcription modules for notifications.

Case Assignment Improvements

Clear task assignment is a necessary feature.

Cause without assigning, staff may complicate among tasks.

We are extending our assignment features group.

Be with KENNEKT for being from the first users!

Business Off Hours

Worldwide businesses should have ability to handle all of enquiries even when it is off hours.

With KENNEKT You can easily set off hours to each department independently. By the way You can set different off hours to Your worldwide service departments.

We hope You already feel the power of KENNEKT.

Join us for more feelings!

Export Task Histories

People need to gather details in a single file or paper as document from certain process.

We are planning to add export to PDF feature.

We know that You know the value of this!

Business Reports and Analytics

Every business wants to see what is the current status of their activity at all. Is it in profit? Good to know, right?

Incredible reports and analytics is coming for You.

Before it is too late Join in KENNEKT!